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experimental photography by Dirk Friese

I have been engaged in photography since my youth. For a few years I mainly took black-and-white photos, but together with changing to digital photography I also turned to colour, at first primarily photographing nature.

In 2009 I started experimenting with altering and modifying digital images - at first with individual photos, later on combining several photographs into one image. This is how a new kind of images gradually came into being, which I now call "Kunfando", which means "fusion". While processing these images on the computer uses technical means, it follows primarily the intuition.

The pictures of the two galleries on this website are developed from photographs of quite different things. Partly from nature, partly created by humans, often only small details, but sometimes also of great extent. Their shapes, textures and colours build the basic material for the images created from them.
Manipulating and combining these photos changes the content. The fusion of several photos creates new shapes, new colours and images, in which the objects of the underlying photos are usually no longer recognizable. But the photos are not simply superimposed, instead only parts of the individual photos reconnect with parts of other photos. Other parts disappear completely. The original elements dissolve and something new emerges. The resulting images are more reminiscent of abstract painting than of photography.
The result is complex, sometimes very color-intensive. It creates rooms for associations, which sometimes seem to have an amazing depth.

The work deliberately does not carry any titles in order not to lead the imagination and impression of the viewer in a certain direction or restrict it.
The images can be purchased in various sizes. If you are interested, please contact me.

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Current exhibition:  Fintelmannhaus, Senzke, 14.08. - 28.09.2019


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